For the media: Download Press Release for Charity Retail Week

Charity Retail Week (24th – 30th April) will highlight the environmental, social and economic impact of charity retail in local communities nationwide and beyond. We will showcase reuse as a fashion choice and will create awareness of charity shops as a fashion destination in the move away from fast fashion.

Events – The Gathering

Our flagship event for members, the Charity Retail Ireland Gathering, will be in the Rediscovery Centre on Wednesday 26th April. We will also launch our Charity Retail Impact Report 2022 and celebrate our Annual Awards winners, with workshops and networking spaces throughout the day. 

Gathering Events are also happening in Cork on 24th April and Galway on 25th April

These events will be an opportunity for our charity members to get together, network and learn from each other. We will celebrate what we love about charity retail and have a chance to have a chat, a cup of coffee and a bit of fun. We welcome non members to come along to these two events to find out a bit more about us.

Daily Information Campaign

Throughout the week we will be running an online information campaign to highlight the work and impact of charity shops.

Monday 24th Donation Day
What can you donate to a charity shop? How can you donate to a charity shop? What happens to your donations? What do they not accept? What happens to my clothes when I donate to a clothing bank? Find out now on this link.

Tuesday 25th Volunteer Day
How can I volunteer in a charity shop? What will I be doing? Will I have to work on the till? What happens if I don’t like it? Will I get a discount? Will I get training? What are the benefits of volunteering? Find out now on this link.

Wednesday 26th Collaboration Day
How are collaboration and the charity retail sector connected? How does Charity Retail collaborate with Corporate Partners? Is Charity Retail part of the wider sustainability movement? What does that mean? Find out more on this link.

Thursday 27th Financial Impact Day
Why do charities operate shops to raise money for their causes? Do they have to pay rent and rates? What impact does this have on the charity? How does it help the main cause of the charity? How much do they raise? Find out more on this link.

Friday 28th Social Impact Day
What social impact do charity shops have? How can you measure this? What impact do charity shops have on the communities in which they operate? How do charity shops interact with each charity’s cause? Find out now on this link.

Saturday 29th Environmental Impact Day
How do charity shops reduce my carbon footprint? How much CO2e do charity shops save? Does this contribute to our Climate Action Targets? What can I do to help charity shops to make an impact on our environment? Find out more on this link.

Sunday 30th Circular Economy Day
What is the Circular Economy? How are charity shops part of this? What is slow fashion? Does the Circular Economy help to mitigate climate change? What can I do to help to make a difference? Find out more on this link

Charity Retail Ireland has launched a Corporate Partnership Programme where we collaborate with businesses who are striving to operate more sustainably. Our corporate partnerships offer unique opportunities to connect and work with our charity members while showing support for charity retail and conscious consumption.

We hope that this first Charity Retail Week will start a conversation around how the Charity Retail Sector has an environmental, social and economic impact on the world in which we live, and will become a fixture in the sustainability calendar.