Linda interrupted her holidays to join the RREUSE network for the “Stitching Together a Social and Circular Future for Textiles” conference which took place in Berlin last month and was thrilled to witness incredible discussions, connections, and ideas.

It brought together leading experts, social entrepreneurs, policy makers, and social enterprise leaders, whom imagined a world where fashion is not just a means of self-expression but a force for positive change.

The conference opened with words by Thomas Ahlmann, Managing Director of Fair Wertung, a RREUSE member that co-hosted the event, and Neva Nahtigal, Director of RREUSE. They ignited the room with their unwavering belief in the need for a sustainable and just future in Europe’s textile sector.

The discussion that followed delved into the pressing issues and opportunities within the textile sector. The panelists highlighted the role of social enterprises in shaping a circular textile market and shared inspiring initiatives focused on circular economy principles.

It was a fantastic event that explored innovative solutions for sustainable textile management and inspired attendees to continue their work towards a social and circular textiles sector.

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